Mackenzie Martin: January Bolt Bulldog

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  • On:March 17, 2017


2017 definitely started off with a bang for me! It was such an honor (and huge surprise!) to be chosen as Bolt’s Bulldog of the Month for January. I was super excited to learn that in celebration of Bolt’s 10-year anniversary, the Bolt Bulldog of the Month would be awarded a trip to visit the #BoltNC and #BoltTX offices to get to know and work closely with other team members.


I had an amazing time jet setting across the country and meeting all of my fellow Bulldogs – y’all are the sweetest, most hard working ladies! This trip made me truly appreciate how lucky I am to be able to work at a company that hires such all-around good people. I came back to California more motivated and inspired because of my extended Bolt family.


Check out some of the photos from my trip below!



The first leg of my trip began in North Carolina at Bolt’s Raleigh office. I loved how the office was divided into different rooms, much like a house, which created a very cozy work environment. A special shout out to the “ladies of the den” for letting me crash/work in your room!



On Monday, Sarah R., Sarah C. and Logan took me to Tulepo Honey Café for a delicious lunch. It was such a nice day out that we were able to sit on the patio and talk everything from work to Raleigh night life.



Anyone who has met knows that I’m a total foodie! I had a blast sampling the global street food of bu•ku with veteran Bulldogs Liza, Nicole and Andrea.




When on vacay, you do as the NC ladies do! When I heard that the Village Deli & Grill was a go-to lunch spot for #BoltNC, it was an obvious “must try.” Thank you to Chelsea and Amy for treating me to one of the tastiest sandwiches ever!




Thank you to #BoltNC for all the delicious food and good times. You ladies were really selling me on a move to Raleigh!



While this wasn’t my first rodeo in Texas, my trip to Dallas was one of those “I could totally see myself living here” moments. The city was so vibrant and alive – it was the perfect combination of city life meets southern hospitality.








I love it when I travel to a new city and have a couple of the best locals to show me where all the ‘cool’ kids hang. It was so much fun getting to meet fellow ACs Jenay and Sarah U. Thanks for taking me to Tutta’s for one of my favorite foods – PIZZA – which I literally inhaled!







Hands down, #BoltTX takes the cake for having one of the ‘sweetest’ clients ever! Sablon Chocolate Lounge literally fulfills all of your chocolate fantasies, and then some. It’s always a good time getting ‘sugar high,’ especially with Shannon, Rachel, Jo-Anne and Caroline!



What I loved most about the #BoltTX office was how collaborative everyone on the team was with each other. Not to mention, your co-working office space was SO cool – I loved the vibe! Thank you for hosting me and showing me that everything is definitely bigger and better in Texas.



Writing this blog post brought back so many fond memories from my time spent at #BoltNC and #BoltTX. I’m such a lucky girl to be working for a company that gives its employees these types of amazing opportunities. To my fellow Bolt Bulldogs, you are all fabulous people and my inspiration to be an even better Bulldog. Here’s to hoping there’s an agency-wide retreat in our future!



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