Client Spotlight: INDUR in Huffington Post

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  • On:October 11, 2017

Are you ready to take a front seat to your health and eliminate the guessing game when it comes to your fitness goals? Bolt client Brant Beal of INDUR certainly is! Last week, Huffington Post sat down with Beal to discuss his newly launched health and wellness system INDUR, as well as speak to a few of the challenges that he’s faced along the way in establishing his business.


Founded in 2017, Indur was created to help discerning men and women improve their health and appearance through direct access to laboratory services, wellness insight and effective supplementation. Indur is dedicated to cutting through a crowded and ineffective industry with a contemporary approach to health and wellness that helps millions look and feel their best. Haven’t checked out the feature yet? Here are a few highlights!


  • – Brandt walks readers through his background and the creation of INDUR. At age 32, he found himself in the worst shape of his life and realized that it was time to make his health a top priority and came up with the idea for INDUR.


  • – INDUR wants to put people in the “driver’s seat” of their health and change the broken healthcare system by giving people direct access to standard and advanced blood tests and personalized lifestyle recommendations.


  • – When starting a business, you must face the many challenges that come with it. This includes making peace with the fact that money will likely be tight for a while.


  • – Don’t let innovation put you out of business. Brandt reiterates the fact that you must always stay ahead of technology and consider how the future can affect your business in the long run.


Visit Huffington Post to read the entire article and visit INDUR at to learn more about this amazing client!


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