Favorite Hits of the Week – October 19

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  • On:October 19, 2018

We love all our amazing Bolt Bulldogs and their amazing work! Our teams work hard and bring great results and we can’t help but shout it from the roof tops. This week’s favorite hits come from our California and Dallas public relations teams!


AristaMD was Ranked in Forbes

For many, a healthy work-life balance can be very challenging. Whether your job is getting in the way of your personal life or your home life is getting in the way of your job, finding a healthy balance is the key to success in both areas. Forbes put together a list of companies that promote and nurture this healthy balance and our client, AristaMD, was named as one of the highest ranking small to medium sized companies for this balance.

Our California, Orange County PR team has been working hard so secure amazing hits like this one for our clients and we are so excited to see what they do next!


New Method Wellness’s Clinical Director was Quoted in Bustle

Bustle consulted multiple experts on the subject of handling social anxiety at family gatherings and they looked to the Clinical Director at New Method Wellness for some great insights. Clinical Director, DeAnna Jordan, touches on the commonality of social anxiety among introverts. Jordan says that “social anxiety is more about the fear of being around groups of people” and further explains that social anxiety can’t be “turned off” as easily as people may think.

This is a great hit procured by our Dallas public relations team to help New Method Wellness increase their visibility and share their great expert opinions.


Owner of SIX, Orshi McNaughton, Shared Expert Advice with Elite Daily

According to Elite Daily, science says that exercise boosts your brain power, so they asked some experts for some good ways to study while you work out.  The owner of SIX suggested to Elite Daily to opt “for a standard plank pose to effectively combine your studying and your exercise”. With this standard pose you can have your notes on the ground and study while you get in a good workout.

Shout out to our California public relations team for securing this amazing hit for our client as well!


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