Favorite Hits of the Week – October 26

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  • On:October 27, 2018

Hard work pays off and our Bolt Bulldogs sure are working hard! So many amazing hits this week (per usual) and these are just a few of our favorites! 

Shannon Thomas Shared to Expertise in an Article for Insider

Our client and award-winning author, Shannon Thomas, provided her informative expertise to an Insider article titled, “17 Steps to Leaving an Abusive Relationship with a Narcissist” In this article, Thomas touches on the subject of telling your abusive partner when you’re leaving the relationship. According to Shannon Thomas, it is best to not tell your narcissistic partner that you want to end the relationship right away. 

“That might seem counterintuitive, but the toxic person will absolutely follow with one of two things,” she said. “They will either start love bombing you to keep you emotionally trapped in the relationship through trauma bonding or their behaviors will become even more poisonous and potentially damaging to your overall wellness, physical safety or reputation. Sometimes all three.”

This amazing hit was procured by our Dallas, TX public relations team.

Formula Experiences had a Visitor from Driving Line

Benjamin Hunting from Driving Line visited Formula Experiences to try his hand at the high speed racing machines. Hunting recounts all the exciting features of Formula Experiences and what he experience first hand behind the wheel.  

“Get past the claustrophobic tightness of its cockpit and you’ll find your confidence increasing with each passing lap as you tear around VIR’s short course behind the ably-piloted lead car”

Read more about Benjamin Hunting’s thrill ride with Formula Experiences here. 

Shout out to our awesome Raleigh, NC public relationship team for securing this great story!

Orange County’s Credit Union was Covered on CardRates.com

CardRate.com aims to inform and educate consumers about the complicated world of credit cards, helping encourage better credit card decisions, and a brighter future for all. Orange County’s Credit Union focuses on providing amazing service to it’s customers and helping them every step of the way which was highly praised by CardRates.com. Multiple scenarios of OCCU providing excellent expertise and assistance to it’s customers were covers\ed to show that they are more than just a credit union. 
Want to learn more about Orange County’s Credit Union? Read the full article here.

We are so proud of this client and the great hit that our Orange County public relations team attained for them!

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