Favorite Hits of the Week – November 9

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  • On:November 9, 2018

As always, here is a list of our top three hits from this week. All of our offices are constantly bringing in amazing media hits like the bulldogs they are, these are just a few of many.


Orange County’s Credit Union Was a Source for Fupping


The holidays are an exciting and fun time for you and your family, however they can also be a scary time for your wallet. The holidays require a lot of spending on things like food for family get togethers, gifts for others, travel costs, etc. Our wonderful client, Orange County’s Credit Union, provided their expertise on this issue in an article for Fupping titled,“3 Ways to Save In the Midst of Holiday Spending”.OCCU stated that “it is possible to keep saving even while increasing your expenditure during the most wonderful time of the year.” Here is a list of the three ways to save:

  1. 1. Budget for Other (and Yourself)
  2. 2. Make That List and Check It Twice
  3. 3. Be Pre-emptive.


Want to learn more about these three easy ways to save during the holidays? Check out the full article here. BIG shoutout to our North Carolina Public Relations team for securing this hit!


Shannon Thomas Provided Expertise in an Article for BRIT + CO


Author and award-winning therapist, Shannon Thomas, is constantly providing her expertise on topics that we all can relate to. This week our Dallas Public Relations team secured Shannon Thomas a feature in BRIT + CO, providing her expertise on “8 Ways to Support a Friend Dealing With Family Drama During the Holidays”. In this article, Thomas states that a good way to show your friend support during this time of the year is to write them a note.

“You can even go one step further and send them home with a care package”

– Shannon Thomas


Want to read more about how you can comfort your friends during this potentially stressful time of the year? Read the full article here.


We are so proud of our Dallas Public Relations team for securing great hits and features like this one for such a great client!



Balcones Distilling was featured in The Manual


According to The Manual, Rockstar Games just released the next installment in the series Red Dead Redemption called Red Dead Redemption 2. This is a video game that is stated to have something for everyone who picks up a controller. Pair your favorite video game with the perfect glass of booze and your night is set! Sam Slaughter, an author at The Manual, laid out a list of the best “booze” to drink while you’re binging Red Dead Redemption 2in an article titled “What’ll It Be, Cowboy? The Perfect Booze for Your ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ Binge” and Balcones Distilling’s Single Malt Whiskey was listed at number 2. Our Dallas Public Relations team works tirelessly to bring in great hits for this client and we could not be more excited about this one!


Read the full list of delicious booze here.



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