Why? Because Everything is Bigger in Texas

Why? Because Everything is Bigger in Texas

ICYMI: Bolt PR had quite the announcement yesterday – we bought a new home. Well, not in the literal sense because we are still shopping for an office, but we did pay for something.

Bolt PR expanded into North Texas! And, we hired this guy to lead the thing. (That’s me in the link.)

I’m Shawn Paul Wood, now general manager, PR director and grand poobah of Dallas/Fort Worth, and I could not be more thrilled about this opportunity. Enough about yours truly. I think the more appropriate question is “Why did Bolt PR make this move?” And maybe even more importantly, “Why now?”

We have thought long and hard about those two questions, and the answer can be provided concurrently – because!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistic’s state employment report issued in August 2013, Texas added more jobs over the last year than any other state in the nation. Moreover, the Texas unemployment rate has now been lower than the national average for 80 consecutive months. And then there’s this article from Time: 10 Reason Texas is Our Future.” Economist Tyler Cohen prattles on and on and on about the inexpensive and available real estate, job growth, fiscal rebound and success availability located in my fare burg.

So, our fearless leader, Mrs. Caroline Callaway, packed up a U-Haul with a computer server, a copy of that article for inspiration, Bolt PR manuals, a few business cards and a sweet recruitment pitch, and made her way to Irving, Texas. That was the beginning of a huge life change for me.

To wit, the cheese-eating grin on my face. I couldn’t be happier.

Bolt’s client partners have been so good to us, so loyal to the work we have provided and so generous with praise about our results. If life has been that good from California and North Carolina, why wouldn’t it be even bigger in Texas? Caroline thinks it will be. The rest of our amazing team believes it will be. And, being a lifelong resident of North Texas, I know it will be.

So, if you are noticing a bright, amber hue on the horizon in the next few months, please know we are hoping that will not be another glorious sunset you see. Rather, that will be Bolt PR blazing a trail in the Lone Star State. Yeehaw!

By: Shawn Paul Wood

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